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The Student’s Disciplinary Unit is one of the important Units in the Directorate of Students’ Affairs. It is a standing committee of the University, the Students’ Disciplinary Committee of the University essentially, is to investigate all Students’ Disciplinary matters referred to it and consider such matters and make appropriate recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor

The Student’s Disciplinary Committee (SDC) may recommend one or more of the following disciplinary actions:


This shall be in the nature of a warning to the student that his or her behavior has been unacceptable to the University; and that any further behaviour of this sort will lead to stiffer penalty.

Disciplinary Probation

A student may be placed on disciplinary probation for the balance of the period of registration at the University in his degree programme in which the student was registered at the time of misconduct. A note to that effect that the student is on probation will appear in the student’s file. The effect of being placed on disciplinary .0probation is that any further misconduct shall lead to a stiffer penalty.


A student may be suspended from the University by the Vice-Chancellor for a period, which should not exceed three years. When suspended, such student would not be allowed to register in the University and shall loose the right to attend lectures, write examinations and other activities in the University. Notice of suspension shall be placed in the student’s file and will appear on any transcript issued during the period of suspension. Upon completion of the suspension period, the student will be eligible for reinstatement to full academic status and notice of resumption from suspension would be placed in the student’s record.


A student may be expelled from the University only by the Vice-Chancellor. Expulsion shall be permanent. However, such a student has right of appeal to the University Council Appeal Committee. The Council Appeal committee after due consideration may reverse or uphold the earlier approval of the Vice-Chancellor as recommended by the Students Disciplinary Committee.


A student alleged, may be free if found, not guilty of the offence he/she was initially alleged.

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