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Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities. All students’ clubs, societies, and associations must be approved by the Directorate of Students’ Affairs on behalf of the University, before they can function. These clubs must be registered and their registration must be renewed at the beginning of every session. There are rules and regulations guiding the clubs and societies. Every club must follow strictly the procedure for the invitation of very important personalities to activities on the campus. Approved clubs and societies could make use of University facilities after due approval had been sought and granted. There are quite a good number of students’ clubs, societies and associations existing in the university.


One of the ways of helping student to appreciate the advantage of living and working together in society is to encourage them to associate with themselves and thus form an association. These associations are of many varieties and background. Some are based on communities, local government or state of origin while others are based on religion.

Many of these associations contribute meaningfully to the development of leadership and team spirit among the students. However, due to the tendency in some students to step beyond bounds, there is usually a requirement that any group of students seeking to form themselves into a group must first apply to the Students Affairs, seeking permission to be registered and to be allowed to carry out their activities within the university.

During this application, the students are required to list their proposed officers and membership or even membership criterion of the association, including naming a staff adviser who would have accepted the responsibility of ensuring that the said association will operate within the rules and regulations of the university if required.

The security department is also requested to carry out a security check on the proposed officers and members of the association. If they are given a clean bill by Security, the students’ affairs will then register the association. This process keeps out secret associations [secret cults], who may not want to disclose their officers, membership and internal activities, being their basic hallmarks.

All students associations are required to obtain clearance from Student Affairs and Security on campus.


There is a press Council, which takes care of all the activities of the University Press Club. The procedure for registration of Press Club is the same as that of clubs and societies. Every press club must apply on an approved application form through the Students’ Affairs Division to the Press Council. There are guidelines for Students Journalism, which must be strictly adhered to.


One of the most difficult mandates of students’ Affairs Department is the duty to conduct peaceful election into the various elective offices of Students Union Government (SUG).

Directorate of Students’ Affairs is charged with the onerous responsibility of conducting elections into elective positions of the SUG. Some institutions have tried to allow students conduct their own election with awkward results.  The outcome of this experiment, but for one or two cases have been largely disastrous in most respects hence the Directorate of Students Affairs is charged with this function in the University.


The Directorate of Students Affairs has a counselling/career unit with a directive to address the uncommon and odd challenges encountered by the students.  There are variety of challenges that require special skills or professional experience to handle.


The Directorate of Students’ Affairs is committed to advocating for Students in situations where actions of staff run contrary to regulations and harmfully affect a student’s academic success.



The University campus is located at kilometre 12, Ado-Iworoko Road. The University is not responsible for the transportation of students. However, taxis and buses are readily available to provide public transportation to the campus.

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