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The units in charge of mobilization or enlisting Prospective Corps Members (PCM) for the National Youth Corps Programme. Due to increase in the number of graduates, mobilization now takes place in three batches with each batch divided into two streams across all higher institutions in Nigeria.

Conditions for calling up Graduates for National Service as stipulated in section 2 sub-section(1) of the NYSC ACT indicated that those who must do National Service mandatorily are Nigerian University graduates who obtained their bachelor’s degree from any Nigerian University with effect from 1972/1973 academic session of age 30 and below as at the time of graduation.

Graduates above the age of 30 years at the point of graduation will be officially exempted in accordance with section 2 subsection 2 of the NYSC ACT. While graduates who undertake part time or sandwich programmes are excluded

In essence therefore, the office mobilizes all graduates of the University for NYSC Programme while NYSC categorize them into three, namely:

  1. Graduates of age 30 and below obtain the Certificate of National Service after a successful participation in the one year mandatory service to the Nation
  2. Graduates whose age is above 30 years at the point of graduation obtain Exemption Certificate which NYSC usually send to the University for distribution to the affected graduates

Graduates who participate in Sandwich and Part time programmes obtain Exclusion Certificates which is usually printed on line.

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