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The Students’ Affairs, EKSU has been part of the registry unit since the inception of the university in 1982, it became a Directorate of Students’ Affairs in March, 2008. The Directorate provides support for students in all areas of the campus life, this unit works to promote their academic success and personal development.

The Directorate also provides a wide range of support services and resources to enhance the overall students experience, well-being and success.  These services often include academic advising, counselling, career development, student activities, housing and health services among others.  The primary goal of Students’ Affairs is to foster personal growth, engagement and a positive learning environment for students beyond the classroom

The Directorate of Students’ Affairs acts as interface between the students and the University authority and other Government Agencies. It plays a major role in the leadership of the Students’ Union, Students’ Representative Council and the Students’ Judicial Council. The Directorate acts as locus parentis to all students within the University Community.

The Directorate comprises five Units where core activities and other relevant activities designated to the Directorate are carried out. 

Philosophy of the Directorate

The philosophy of the division is not different from the philosophy of the University.

They are itemized below:

  • To promote academic efficiency
  • Integrity in service delivery to university and general public
  • To pay prompt attention to the Students’ welfare
  • To promote knowledge, honour and efficient service
  • To promote learning and culture.



The main objective of the Division is to see to the overall welfare of the students within the University Community and to ensure that students comply with the rules and regulations of the University. The specific objectives include:

  1. To look at the facilities provided in the hostels and grade them as appropriate with suggestions as to what the rent on each of the hostels should be.
  2. To make suggestions as to what the University can do to improve its welfare programme for the students.



The Dean of Students’ Affairs, who is an appointee of the Vice-Chancellor oversees the activities in the Directorate and advises the Vice-Chancellor on the issues relating to Students’ welfare and conduct.

The day to day administrative activities of the Directorate is shouldered by the Director who is directly responsible to the Registrar and the Dean on the day to day administration of the Directorate and the implementation of the University’s policies in respect of Students’ welfare, academic matters, discipline and other activities.

Apart from the Dean of Students’ Affairs, the Vice-Chancellor also appoints a Vice-Dean to assist the Dean in the Directorate.

The Directorate have several administrative staff who work in the various units of the Directorate.


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